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Internet technology application service provider

Provide high-quality Internet technology services for enterprises and institutions, and provide valuable Internet technology and industry application solutions.
  • Application system custom development

    We carefully tailor software products for governments and enterprises. Advanced technology and customized designs make information products an easy-to-receive and trust tool.

  • H5 Mobile Website / APP Development

    Provide development based on IOS and Android systems, including mobile H5 application development, APP development services and vertical industry enterprise applications.

  • Tailored official website

    Professional website design, development and deployment, covering government enterprise websites, group companies, education, e-commerce, social networking sites, etc.

  • Operation and maintenance support

    Provide comprehensive system maintenance operation support services such as preventive inspection, technical support, fault diagnosis, troubleshooting, technical consultation, maintenance and upgrade.

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With more than ten years of IT technology experience, I know that you are different and guide you to be different until you are different!
  • Website building
  • Keyword optimization
  • WeChat
    • Information is being collected

    We focus on user experience design and development

    Adhering to creating maximum value for customers is the core, and the purpose is to enhance the business value of corporate brands!
    • We are?

      The core members of the Lawzjs team are from well-known domestic and international IT Internet companies
      We focus on mobile APP, large website and enterprise management system customization, etc.
      Can be completed on time and quality according to project progress, proficient in meeting customer's personalized customization needs

    • We do?

      We are committed to promoting enterprise technology, intelligence, and Internet informatization
      Competitive customized product quotation, perfect product quality assurance and after-sales service
      Provide valuable Internet technology services for enterprises

    • Choose us?

      Professional R & D and design team; international development ideas;
      Own products and technology precipitation; Attentive service and good reputation of users;
      Scientific, reasonable and intuitive quotation scheme

    About Pengcheng Network

    Perseverance, not trapped by selfishness, and strive for the realization of the dream of the Internet cause!
    Lu'an Pengcheng Network——is an Internet service brand owned by Lu'an Hangyewan Network Studio and owned by Pengcheng Network Studio of Lu'an Development Zone. The company was established in May 2015. Area 312 National Highway Hangzhou-Ningbo Bay Community, our business scope: website construction, website optimization, domain name registration, web hosting, web design, website maintenance and update, website promotion, online advertising, e-commerce, enterprise internal informationization, software development and systems Integration, etc.
    Lu'an Pengcheng Network has long served the forefront of high-tech informatization and electronics industrialization. It has a senior software developer, professional art designer, engineering technician and high-quality after-sales service team. The company's main technical staff are all With more than five years of industry work experience, relying on his strong technical force, rich project planning experience, and perfect operating model, he is committed to providing e-commerce solutions and value-added services for many enterprises and merchants.
    Our advantage lies in the low-cost operation model, without the wages and benefits of employees and the high profits of the company's bosses, so our prices are the most affordable, and for the same effect websites, our prices are cheaper than ordinary companies. The price is low but the quality is not discounted. The later maintenance is more stable and the maintenance quality is not discounted. Unlike some companies, the staff is highly mobile, and in the end the website maintenance staff cannot be found. Lu'an Pengcheng Network's principle of paying attention to credibility and being a person in advance has earned a good reputation from all customers: each website has no less than 4 times a year to exchange opinions with customer contacts on website maintenance. In terms of technology, one program and one artist responsible for a website are the ideal combination. No matter how big a company is, one or two people are responsible for a website. It is impossible to make a website all. Our tacit understanding is common among colleagues. It is incomparable, so the website effect is also the most ideal, in line with the marketing website model, can help search engines better include your website, so that more people find your website on the Internet, and improve the company's sales performance.
    The studio is our own business, and we cherish and work harder. Career is the foundation of a happy life. We are not afraid of hard work and tiredness. We are afraid that our career will not continue. So we will do our best to make customers satisfied, and let each customer become our promoter and long-term stable customer! We don't do template reversal, every website has been carefully designed by us and satisfied customers.
    Lu'an Pengcheng Network seizes the opportunity of the rapid development of China's information industry, adheres to the business philosophy of "pursuit of excellence, service first", respects talents, pays attention to technology, and demands itself with unremitting efforts and higher goals. While improving its own management model and service quality, it vigorously advocates the implementation of a new economic strategy and promotes the development of China's Internet cause.

    Site building common sense

    Perseverance, not trapped by selfishness, and strive for the realization of the dream of the Internet cause!
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    The trust of customers is our constant motivation. We are here for you!